mai 01, 2020 2 min read

Fluffy Fur shoes have evolved significantly over the last few years. Gone are the days when animal sheepskin was your only option of fur for shoes. Who doesn't love a nice comfy pair of affordable fluffy sliders or 12? 


Today there are all kinds of fluffy fur shoes available from fluffy sliders made out of animal sheepskin to furry shoes made out of fox fur. As animal enthusiasts here at Soo Fluffy, all our fluffy footwear are made from vegan fur. We offer a variety of affordable styles of comfortable footwear ranging from fluffy slip-on sliders to fur-lined flip-flops and dozens of varieties in between. We offer a variety of colours which include baby blue fur slides, pink fur slides, black and gold slides, black faux fur fluffy slides and our best-selling grey fluffy sliders which are all available for women. Here at Soo Fluffy, we have extended our size ranges to accommodate those with large feet. We offer our best selling Soo Fluffy slides for larger feet from a size UK9/US11/EU42, UK10/US12/EU43 and UK11/US13/EU44 - shop now. It is now more than ever possible to not only have comfortable fluffy fur slippers shoes that are practical to wear both indoor and outdoor but fashionable in this endeavour as well. 

Shoes say a lot about the wearer, there is really no exception for fur shoes for women. Any old flip-flops say the wearer isn't very concerned about their foot fashion. Of course, there are flip-flops with embellishments that make them a little more fashionable than the dollar store variety. A nice pair of fur slip-on sandals says the wearer is wisely more concerned with quality and comfort than following trends. Impractical shoes or those that are likely to need repairs after coming into contact with water and/or sand say the owner has more money than sense.