août 21, 2020 1 min read

People who live in truly hot climate, whose summers are long and guaranteed sunny, understand the importance of fluffy slide built for warm weathers. The Fluffy Slides are perfect summer fitbecause you can quickly slide them on and off, so you don’t need to stress about added moisture or heat.

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Seasonality is a huge part of dressing well, this applies to what you put on your body and what shoes you slip into. Footwear can make or break an outfit and this doesn’t change in the summer.

 fur slide

Summer is actually in full swing, which means the heat is getting harsher and stronger. Also summer is an amazing time to go on vacation and spend time with your family, staying cool is a vital aspect that many people overlook. A great way to stay cool is to wear Fluffy sandals, helping to keep your feet cool.

We are going to take a look at major reasons why you should wear the fluffy sandals this summer!

  1. We have realized that heavy winter shoes can be very hot in the summer, so a FluffySandals is much more comfortable to slide your feet in and out.
  2. Fluffy slides are lightweight and often appear in light colors (although not always) that helps your feet breath during the summer
  3. The Fluffy slides are soft and cooler in hot weather and also have lightweight soles.
  4. Going totally sockless helps the foot breathes better and doesn't whiff. Fluffy slides look great with or without sock and make you look more relaxed and confident.

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